Launch of Half Moon: Poems about Pubs


A celebration of poetry and pubs from OWF Press and Otley Pub Club and the launch of Half Moon: Poetry about Pubs.  There will be  poetry and music. Do join us on National Poetry Day 6th October, 7pm at the Horse and Farrier, Bridge Street, Otley.

A beautiful book with poems by:

Charlotte Ansell, Keith Armstrong, Ben Banyard, Bruce Barnes, Les Baynton, Brian Bilston, Boltini, Carole,Bromley, Frank Broughton, Sandra Burnett, Paul Burns, Philip Burton, Philip Burton, P M Chapman, Ian Clarke, Ian Clarke, Oliver Comins, Mark Connors, Eithne Cullen, Simon Currie, Sarah L Dixon, Tim Ellis, Mike Farren, Wiliam Dean Ford, Lee Garrett, Catherine Graham, Andrew Graves, Oz Hardwick, Ian Harker, Geoff Hattersley, Angi Holden, Helen Kay, Will Kemp, Pauline Kirk, Gill Lambert, Janet Lancaster, Charles G Lauder Jr, David Lindsay, Ben Macnair, Linda Marshall, Gail Mosley, Greg Mulholland, Terry O’Connor, Tony O’Neill, Jo Peters, Milner Place, Winston Plowes, Steve Pottinger, DA Prince, Jeremy Pritlove, Lesley Quayle, Michael Shann, Colin Speakman, Jayne Stanton, Matthew Hedley Stoppard, Judi Sutherland, Mark Totterdell, Sarah Watkinson, Anthony Watts, Peter R White, Fiona Williams, Joe Williams, Marc Woodward, Marc Woodward.